Company Profile

The area of sport and healthy living is our space .

Our company was founded in 2010 with a vision to establish as core business, the promotion and sales of nutritional supplements.
We are a team of young, energetic and creative people, with passion for the sports and the healthy way of living.

All the members of our team are actively involved in sport activities, others on a professional basis and others on an amateur basis.
Our passion for sports helps us to better understand your needs whilst find and provide you, only with the best and most effective nutritional supplements.


Our Mission

We have chosen as a life style the sport and healthy way of living and in this industry we want to stay and do business, for many years in the future.
We are consuming products of this industry and we know very well all the products and their capabilities.

We will always work with consistency and commitment on what we have chosen to follow as a profession, so we can be by your side satisfying your daily needs, in providing you with modern services and all the necessary advice which comes from our personal experience, knowledge and active involvement with sports and the nutritional supplements industry.

Our products

Our products are top quality and are imported mainly from Europe and always after a very detailed survey about their quality. 

Our complete range of products includes supplements and healthy nutrition products, which are suitable for men and women, regardless if they are athletes or not, even for patients into recovery stage.

We have direct access at information which comes from a group of professionals in the field of sports, like trainers and doctors and in combination with our knowledge and our extensive search, we discover and offer you the best and safest supplements, which exist and are available.

Our suppliers are certified and well established companies in our industry, all providing a written guaranty of quality and purity of their products, which guaranty is available to all people might be interested.
We buy our products directly from the manufacturers or their official distributor, resulting in a 100 % guaranty of quality and authenticity of their components.

Our target

Our main goal is to improve the life quality of our customers while ensuring an overall wellness, by offering them nutritional supplements that add strength and fitness, helping them to reach top levels of performance, no matter if they are professional athletes or sporty people.

In addition to the above, our goal is to build an awareness of a specialist in the industry of nutrition supplements and to expand our business activities by adding to our product range the equipment and the instruments for all gyms and sports centers as well as sportswear and footwear.

Our aspiration

We constantly try hard to offer complete satisfaction to our customers, a satisfaction which will come through our product quality and level of customer service.
We strive to offer only the highest quality of products at the lowest possible price, package with small quantities, high availability, and of course with prompt order delivery and no errors and delays.

We are open to any suggestion to improve our online store and our services . 
Do not hesitate to contact us, even to suggest to us new products for our online store.